Our deliciously fresh food can be enjoyed anywhere!

Whether you’re planning a romantic picnic for two, a relaxing day on the boat with the family, or hosting a large group at work or home, our take-away party trays* will free you to do nothing but enjoy.

Just tell us how many people will be there and when you need it. We’ll put together a scrumptious selection of savories (our miniature smoked salmon, cucumber, and ham and cheese sandwiches are always popular), sweets (lemon meringue tarts, fresh fruit tarts and chocolate cake, anyone?) or a pleasing mix of both.

Call us today at (604) 261.0049 to discuss your upcoming catering needs.

*Our 16” party trays come with approximately 55 sweet pieces or 45 savory pieces. As we are always adding new treats to our menu, items may vary with each order.

“The soul’s joy lies in doing”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

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