Established in 2003 by Ping Chou, ADONIA Tea House is named after Adonis, a Greek god of extreme beauty. In that spirit, Ping has designed an inviting, beautiful teahouse that mixes comfortable antique furniture, exquisite fine bone china and classic architectural features to create an enchanting, elegant oasis of calm.

Great care has also been taken to honour the centuries-old tea-taking tradition, with only the finest international teas, best sugars and creams, and freshest sandwiches, scones and desserts approved for service.

Come as you are to take tea with friends, sample our decadent prawn and lobster bisque, or share a straight-from-the-oven chocolate soufflé. Or, place an order to go and delight in our freshly prepared sweets and savories wherever you choose.

Either way — you’re always welcome!

“Familiar acts are beautiful through love” Percy Bysshe Shelley

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